Alex Skolnick Trio w/ Phat Man Dee

Club Cafe

Alex Skolnick Trio were even better than the last time I saw them. They did play a cover of Electric Eye and a latin jazz interpretation of Detroit Rock City, but most of their set was original material, all from their new album Last Day in Paradise. Until about 7:45, I was the youngest person at the bar, which I thought was weird, there must have been some sort of WQED Radio promotion of the act or something to explain all the 50-60 year olds... unless they were just all family of the two local guys in the band. Anyways, they ended their set with Western Sabbath Stomp, a new song which I think is finally the example of country metal that I have been looking for for the last five years or so.

Concert Highlight: Finally hearing some country metal.
Concert Lowlight: Having to wait outside the bar after walking 10 blocks during an ozone action day, because the bands were late getting to the venue