The Antlers

Altar Bar

I first saw The Antlers on a rainy Lollapalooza morning some years ago. Because it was grey out, their music fit the bill. I wanted to see them in an intimate setting ever since. Thankfully they came to the Altar Bar. Not so thankfully, it was on the same night as a Dethlehem show. Dethelehem is becoming the new Gwar for me. I feel like I can always see them live, so I always go with other plans on their show dates... oh well. I was expecting like 4 people at this show, and was shocked, SHOCKED, to see a full lower level Altar Bar show.

Port St Willow opened for The Antlers and sounded pretty much like The Antlers, so it was pretty good. I think in their 45 minute set they only played three songs, so that was pretty swank too. Probably will check them out later.

The Antlers put on a great show. The best part of about seeing them in a small venue like Altar Bar is that you can feel the music. Much like Fleet Foxes at the Metro, this show was amazing. Unlike Fleet Foxes at the Metro, it was not 800 degrees inside.

Funny inter song chatter was had... during the which side of the room is crazier, the under 21s were louder prompting a "Wow...and this side of the room can drink" comment. ha. Also, guitar player totally said "cheers to this side of the room" and drank some beer, and then said "cheers to this side of the room" and drank some water. Ha.

My only beef was they didn't play Parentheses... but they played No Widows, so I can't be too mad.

Concert Highlight:   Meeting another person who graduated with an HPS degree. And No Widows.
Concert Lowlight:   Being scheduled on the same night as a Dethlehem show. Not playing Parentheses... thats about it.