Butch Walker

Mr. Smalls

Was totally pumped to see The Dead Milkmen, but then Butch Walker announced a show on the same day. Sorry, Dead Milkmen, but Butch wins out.

Thankfully, unlike the last time I saw Butch, there was only one opener...and he wasn't that bad. Marc Scibilia was his name, and he had some decent stuff, but nothing to write home about. Spent their set in the back by the bars. Still got within 5 people from the stage for Butch. Concert tip: you don't have to camp out at the stage if you want to be up close, just if you want to be center stage.

Butch did his usual schtick, coming out solo, playing ATL, Passed Your Place..., and another song that I can't remember at this moment on the keys, then picked up a guitar to do Mixtape and then started to play Freak of the Week with the intro lyrics "i played this song so much it makes me throw up in my mouth" so, the assistant tour manager/poison tribute band frontman came up and sang it while Butch played guitar. Guys, remember, when a "fan" randomly gets on stage and isn't made to leave, it's a work.

Anyhoo, the rest of the band eventually came out, and Butch rocked for an hour and a half straight, playing both his new EP and crowd favorites. Did Synthesizers with the Come On Eileen break, Played Going Back and Going home with a full band, and closed with an epic version of 3 Kids in Brooklyn and Hot Girls in Good Moods.

If Butch Walker could play for 8 hours a day, Im pretty sure he would. It's just sad that there are things like hard curfews and, you know, having to play different venues on a tour. Butch joined the list of bands I've seen 4 times, and I would not hesistate to see every show he plays in the area. It's always a fun time. Now if we can just convince him and Frank Turner to tour together.

Concert Highlight: Butch's sadface after singing the lyric "but I don't have a synthesizer"
Concert Lowlight: I'm not sure there was one. Butch never disappoints.