Mr. Smalls

So Chromeo was slated to play Stage AE, and I thought, "Great! Now I'll be finally able to see a show inside Stage AE." But then the venue got switched to Mr. Smalls. Not saying that Mr Smalls is bad, I was just sort of pumped to see Chromeo at AE. Then I got a cold. But not even something living within my sinuses or the loss of being able to grab some good food at Bettis's before the show would keep me away from Chromeo.

The show's opener was a Fools Gold DJ by the name of Sammy Bananas. He was ok, but I guess he did keep his music into the feel of the headliners, so there was no all out housey goodness. He brought out a saxaphone to play his last song, so that was neat.

Before going to the show, I had no idea who Mayer Hawthorne was, until someone mentioned that his song was playing on the jukebox at a bar. Not my favorite genre of music, but his show was good. High energy, up tempo, and a bass player with a huge afro. Everything a mowtown revival act needs.

And then there was Chromeo. For whatever reason, there was nobody standing on the left side of the stage, so I was able to get three people away from front row. Opened with Fancy Footwork, segued right into I'm Not Contagious, talked of the beauty of playing in a Church on Rosh Hoshannah--typical Chromeo awesomeness. The crowd wasn't nearly as nuts as the lolla crowd two years ago, wherin I was kicked in the head by crowd surfers, but everyone was getting down to the Chromeo groove. Set was tight. Encore included the late DJ Mhedi's I Am Somebody and Grow Up.

Concert Highlight: I will never ever get tired of hearing Dave 1 play the riff from Money for Nothing as a lead in to Bonified Lovin'
Concert Lowlight: When the girl who was grinding on me for the better part of the concert went to get a drink and a dude who was literally 4 foot wide stepped into her place.