David Byrne

Carnegie Music Hall

I have wanted to see David Byrne for forever, and since the last time he played Pittsburgh was like 8 years ago in a club that no longer exists, I felt obligated to go see him at the Carnegie Music Hall when he came on this tour.

Wow. That's all I can pretty much say. 4 Standing O's before he even finished his main set, including a standing o for Houses in Motion. Houses in Motion!. 1st Encore finished up with Life During Wartime, which I think the entire crowd was waiting to hear, I mean, how can you play a city and not play your song that mentions said city in the lyrics? That said when Dave got to "Heard about Pittsburgh, PA" the crowd erupted. Then during the second encore he played Burning Down the House with the house lights on. And then there was a third encore!

I've been to a lot of shows where the majority of the crowd was 20 years older than me, but this was the first one where the crowd got into it. We stood the whole time from Once In a Lifetime on through his triple encore. Even the guy that started out yelling "down in front" was standing and dancing (in that white old guy way) by the end of the show.

Great set list, awesome choreography. Superb venue

Concert Highlight: Burning Down the House while the house lights were on
Concert Lowlight: a tie between the douchebag yelling "down in front" and the psycho chick who showed up in Dark Knight Joker face paint causing said douchebag to yell down in front. At least the douchebag got into it at the end, the psycho chick never figured out that once something becomes mainstream its no longer cool ot do in public