Duran Duran Pop Trash Tour 2000

Amphitheatre at Station Square

This was the best concert i have attended to date. Warren, Nick, and Simon prove that an 80's band can have a chance at popularity 2 decades later. Half of the people in the crowd must have missed out on Duran Durans last two albums, Medazzaland and Pop Trash, though, because everytime they played a song of one of those most of the crowd sat down. The opening act was Tsar-- an LA band that sort of sounds like early Green Day. Their lead singer was like anorexic though, and he faked playing a guitar for the first song. Everyone laughed at them. Also at the concert, was a transvestite with pink hair and a drunk guy who desperately cheered for a Tsar encore.

Concert Highlight: White Lines.
Concert Lowlight: Tsar's slow songs