Def Leppard

The Pete

First concert ive been to at the newly opened Petersen Events Center. I had floor seats, which was kickass. The opening act, as per usual, sucked. This time it was just some irish dude with an acoustic guitar. Leppard played an awesome set that consisted of most of the radio hits, some stuff of of X, and even some really old stuff. During a breakdown in Rocket, Viv and Phil had some dueling solos, which was cool. There was even an instrumental jam ending with a one armed drum solo by Rick Allen. Ended the show with Rock of Ages, then encored with Love Bites and Lets Get Rocked. Good show all around, despite the fact that Phil fucked up the opening riff of Promises.

Concert Highlight: Extended Rocket Jam
Concert Lowlight: Phil Collen horribly screwing up Promises