Dream Theater and Queensr˙che with Fates Warning

Amphitheatre at Station Square

Fates Warning played a ridiculously short set, but they were by far the best opening act ive ever seen at a concert.... maybe because every other one ive seen has been shit. well, not Kings X, but everyone else... like Tsar....

QR came on and played songs in grouped by album... sort of like the Live Evolution CD... finished up the set with a mindcrime suite, but, sadly, didnt play Breaking the Silence or I Dont Believe in Love. Encored with Needle Lies and Best I Can... Geoff Tate can hit some really high notes...

DT played a completely different set than when i saw them in september, except for like Metropolis I and a Met 2 Suite...Really a show for DTphiles and prog fans as they played some all of their songs with huge instrumental or solo breaks in them, like the whole of A Mind Beside Itself, Glass Prison, and Learning to Live, with which they closed. They also played Hollow Years, which was a nice touch.

For the Encore, DT and QR both took the stage and jammed to We Dont Get Fooled Again, which was simply amazing.

Concert Highlight: We Dont Get Fooled Again jam... double everything and Mike and Scott dueling solos!
Concert Lowlight: Lack of Another Rainy Night Without You