Dream Theater * Joe Satriani

AJ Palumbo Center

It seems that each concert I go to is better than the last one. The opening act, King's X was good better than any opening act I have seen so far. Words cannot describe Satriani's playing skills. He is simply amazing, although his fashion sense needs a little work. He had on these weirldly striped dayglow pants that were almost spandex. Dream Theater was outstanding. The lighting setups were awesome, especially during The Greate Debate. I was glad that they decided to do a mix of songs, instead of playing through the second cd of the new album. Dream Theater seemed to have the most fun on stage of any band Ive seen.. surpasing even Styx. At one point, John Petrucci and John Myung kicked a soccer ball around. Mike Portnoy also took to throwing a drumstick back and forth with a roadie offstage..he had better aim than the roadie, and he was playing drums at the time. During the encore, they played an extended version of Take the Time with Jordan Rudess and Petrucci swapping 4s, 2s, 1s, and then eventually swaping beats... I think that one of the reasons I like Dream Theater so much is that they harken to Deep Purple so much.

Concert Highlight: Extended Take the Time w/ Working man and By-tor
Concert Lowlight: Joe Satriani's musical masturbation