Ella Riot


So I caught My Dear Disco at Lolla, and was impressed by their live show enough to catch them when they came to town, albiet after a name change. Due to legal issues from a band called My Disco, the Ann Arbor outfit decided to just change their name.

Opening act was a two piece progressive duo known as The Neffs. They were pretty good. Ella Riot came out and played to an empty Diesel, but still rocked the place. Maybe it was because it was Sunday, maybe because they were competing with Wrestlemania, or maybe just because nobody seemed to promote the show, but I was the only person on the floor. The Neffs and their girlfriends were over to the side where the booths are, and there were like five people upstairs near the bar. I had never seen the place so empty. In any case, Ella Riot went on, undeterred that I was their only fan in Pittsburgh and played a great set, mostly from their new EP, which I picked up from the Merch table. They did play White Lies and closed with Clubbin' which is the song with the electric bagpipes. I got to chat with the keyboardist/electic piper a litte bit before the Diesel staff kicked us out.

Concert Highlight: Clubbin... nothing like when a dance band breaks out the electic bagpipes