Fleet Foxes Lollapalooza Aftershow


The Metro is an interesting place to see a show, as it's an old movie house converted to a live music venue. Sadly it does not have air conditioning. The fact that it was into the 90s during the day, and the show was completely sold out meant that it was probably into the 90s in the Metro that night too.

The opening act was a Swedish group called Dungen (thats Dungeon for the English speakers in the crowd) that was pretty awesome. The only thing was that they never said their name, and if they did, we didn't hear it. So we just kept calling them The Swedish Hippies... which is a great band name. Ambient post rock, while not festival calibre music certianly comes into its own when you are in a 1000 seat venue and you can feel the music.

After midnight, Fleet Foxes took the stage. A great band with a great show. The only detraction from the night was the heat. Most of the crowd there had been outside all day at Lolla and now were packed into the metro, sweating like cattle. There was a lot of time wasting in bewtween songs, which was pretty frustrating. I mean how many times to you have to retune your guitar? Fleet Foxes music was awesome, and it really is a pity that the show took place when it did. A combination of super heat, and a long day at Lolla really skews this review. Fleet Foxes is a better band than what I experienced.

Concert Highlight: The invention of The Swedish Hippies, truly a remarkable band name
Concert Lowlight: Lack of climate control, and the fact that the Foxes aren't very Fleet in reality. I would love to see them in a better environment.