Frank Turner

Mr. Smalls

So after catching Frank Turner at an early morning set at Lollapalooza two years ago, they finally came through town, Headlining Mr Smalls. While Mr. Smalls did add a new upstairs bar/media/courtyard complex that is pretty swanky, they still havent figured out how to get people into the show any quicker. Also, I was amazed at how many people were at the show.

The opening acts consisted of Into It Over It, which was a one man and guitar act whose intersong narration took up more set time than his actual songs. Andrew Jackson Jihad was a two piece who sang the sort of folk-punk that Frank Turner espouses, but they weren't all that great.

Frank opened with I Still Believe and ended with a cover of Queen's Somebody to Love. I don't think he took more than a three second pause in between his first dozen songs or so. The set was a mix of stuff from all of his albums, new and old, but the tempo never slowed. Even when he sang English Curse a capella the crowd was still rockin. Then of course he had his encore which consisted included The Ballad of Me and My Friends and Photosynthesis.

When I first saw Frank two years ago, my impression was that he wrote music that everyone was dying to sing along to, but no one knew any of the words. Now, a few albums later, everyone knew all the words.

Concert Highlight: Everything about Frank's set was awesome, but getting the entire bar to sing along with Photosynthesis was pretty neat
Concert Lowlight: Mr Smalls inability to get people into the venue in a timely manner