3Oh!3 w/ Innerpartysystem and Chain Gang of 1974


I was happy that IPS was playing a show at Diesel, thus eliminating the drive out to the other side of Pittsburgh for a show at Mr Smalls. Since this was a Myspace Music show, and presumably because 3Oh!3 is one of the hotter bands with the kiddies nowadays, the crowd was mostly high school kids. BUT, that meant I got to spend the whole show upstairs with the twenty other over 21s, away from the wall to wall mass of teenagers.

Cobraconda opened the show and played a pretty energetic version of electro-rap. Theyre drum machine guy was dressed in a cow suit for some reason. They ended their short set with a cover of Fight For Your Right (To Party), which I have actually never heard done live by anyone, and it was pretty awesome.

Chaingang of 1974 was almost as awesome as IPS. These two guys just came out and rocked the hell out for their entire set. I never thought a band that pretty much performed to a synth track could have so much stage presence. I guess you cant go wrong with beating on percussion while your whacked out hippy drummer is beating the shit out of the skins behind you.

Innerpartysystem came on next and played a perfect setlist. Die Tonight Live Forever, The Way We Move, Obsession, Last Night In Brooklyn, Heart of Fire and of course, Don't Stop as a closer. The DJ that introduced IPS at Lolla was right, to see their light show indoors is just awesome. Even the bartender who wasn't into electro thought they were awesome.

3Oh!3 had the crowd eating out of their hands. I guess suburban white kids just cant get enough of white rappers. I spent almost the whole of their set at the bar watching the Eagles-Giants game, and chatting with Kris from IPS. I also got to introduce him to the wonder that is Yukon&Jaeger.

Innerpartysystem stole the show for the over 21s upstairs and judging from what I've read on myspace, did win a few converts from the 3Oh!3 crowd. But all in all the crowd was there for 3OH!3 whom the kids inexplicably love.

Concert Highlight: Drinking Yukon&Jaeger with Kris from IPS
Concert Lowlight: 3Oh!3's set and crowd's inexplicable love for them.