Innerpartysystem w/ Paper Route and Sonny


I showed up to the concert midway through Sonny's set, and the first thing Jessie said to me when she looked at the stage was "look, it's My Chemical Romance". And we laughed. I guess their gimmick is that everyone in the band had long black greasy looking hair. They were a high energy band and very percussive. Everyone was just beating on drums. The crowd was the most active they would be for the night, and I'm pretty sure a girl with pink streaked hair in the crowd had her first orgasm. Ha.

Paper Route was a really good band. Sort of like a less flash and more music based version of the Killers, they brought out a slew of instruments, like accordions and jingle bells. They had a hooter sitting on one of the amps, but sadly they didn't put it to any use. What really sucked was that they only played like 4 songs. All the old people upstairs and around the perimiter of the downstairs crowd seemed to get in to them, but the kiddies in the middle stood silent, perhaps wishing of more greasy black haired people.

IPS's show was the best to date, mixing up their playlist with more songs off of The Download EP than just The Way We Move. They added some new lighting to the rig, and even threw in a remix of Policy of Truth. It also looked like they got some new gear. The crowd was unbelievably lame, though. Even when they played This Town Your Grave and hit that crazy distorted screamy part after the crescendo, the crowd did nothing. Worst waste of a strobe light ever.

IPS has better stage presence each time I've seen them. And with Don't Stop ironically showing up during sporting event bumps, and highlight footage, its only a matter of time before they get the exposure they deserve.

Concert Highlight: Getting to hear This Town Your Grave and seeing the exact lighting effects I expected
Concert Lowlight: The shortness of Paper Route's incredibly short set and the absolute lameness of the crowd.