Stage AE

A brand new venue opened up in Pittsburgh a few months ago known as Stage AE. It sits right next to Heinz Field and has 3 seperate stages (an outdoor amphitheater, an indoor concert hall, and a night club). It's pretty swanky. IPS headlined a Club AE show, which meant up close and personal. Good stuff.

The opener was a local house dj named DJ 7Up. At first the only people into him were me and this other dude in a suit, but once he busted out the Daft Punk more people got into him. I have never seen a DJ mix Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2, Lithium, and Killing in The Name Of to house beats. Good stuff. When he played Show Me Love, the drunk gay guy beside me lost it and started dancin like a mad fool. Solid set.

Since the last time I saw Innerpartysystem, they have been dropped from their label, lost a band member, trashed their lighting rigs, changed their sound up a little bit, self released a single only to get signed to a new contract, put together a new lighting package, and are now currently touring with Pendulum to support a soon to be released EP, with a few headlining dates thrown in for fun. Tonight was one of those dates.

This will be the fifth time Ive seen IPS and the first time the crowd was actually into the music. They played a lot of new stuff, which was awesome, and they've finally gotten to the point where they no longer feel the need to close with Don't Stop. The song they did close with was off of their upcoming EP and was probably the best new song I've heard in months. People go crazy over Lady Gaga covering Express Yourself and these guys are making amazing music under the radar.

Concert Highlight:Not Getting Any Better
Concert Lowlight:I don't think there was one... maybe the Pens losing?