Iron Maiden Final Frontier Tour

First Niagara Pavilion

You know I was happy to see that Dream Theater was going to be back in Pittsburgh after several tours with no such stop. Add to that the fact that they were going to be opening for Iron Maiden, also who haven't been in Pittsburgh in some time, and I was really happy.

I am also happy that the two previous times I saw Dream Theater were right after Six Degrees and right before Train of Thought. Not that the setlist was bad, I mean they were openers and had to play a shorter set than what I had been accustomed to, but they really could have done without Panic Attack. At least they played Home. Also, James said Burgettstown. Yes, I know that's technically where the venue is, but c'mon it's the Pittsburgh tour stop.

Iron Maiden opened with Doctor, Doctor, but played the entire song while the stage set was still covered by a drop cloth, which led us to suggest some Spinal Tap scenarios where the cloth wouldn't drop and roadies would have to climb up and cut it down. Maiden played mostly new stuff, Wicker Man, Brave New World, These Colors Don't Run, Dance of Death, No More Lies, Ghost of the Navigator. They dedicated Blood Brothers to Ronnie James Dio, and everyone in the entire amphitheater raised their devil horns. Of course there was Fear of the Duck--I'm sorry--Fear of the Dark, Number of the Beast, Hallowed be thy Name and Running Free.

There was plenty of Bruce Dickinson inbetween song gibberish, and the latest Eddie looks like he was based on The Predator, so that was pretty neat.

Concert Highlight: Bruce doing some weird thing where he was sitting down and shaking the leg he had crossed over his other and slapping it every once in a while as if it was possessed, and then standing up, still with leg crossed and sort of hopping for a bit.
Concert Lowlight:Either the half an hour drive to the parking spot after getting into the lot, or Dream Theater not playing one of their better songs.