Jon Spencer Blues Explosion


You Know, if you would have told me that one day I would be able to see Dream Theater open for Iron Maiden and then on the very next day be able to stand three feet away from Jon Spencer, I would have called you crazy. But sure enough, the planets aligned and not only did the powers that be book Iron Maiden and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on consecutive days, but they happened to fall when my work schedule rotation gave me two days off in a row.

The opening acts were both local bands, the first was called Icon Gallery. They played a pretty good set. Garagey music like The Blakes, except that I couldn't hear anything that the lead singer was saying. The second act, Expensive Shit, was one of the more original bands I've seen in a while. They consisted of one guy on drums and another guy turning a bunch of dials to make some analog noise. Purely instrumental, they reminded me of late Man or Asto-Man? with out the surf guitar, of course.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion was amazing. They hadn't toured in five years but they didn't miss a beat. Sure the theramin didn't work until the encore, but we can forgive that. JSBX opened their main set with 2 Kindsa Love and finished with Fuck Shit Up. In between they played a great mix of songs, including Calvin, High Gear, Bellbottoms, B.L. Got Soul, Magical Colors, and my favorite song, Chickendog. They actually played an encore, which was the first I've ever seen at Diesel. It consisted of parts of four different songs, including Wail.

Concert Highlight: Chickendog.
Concert Lowlight: Being three feet away from Jon Spencer also meant being 3 feet away from the speaker stack. Not a great place to be for an entire concert, after having been at an Iron Maiden concert the day before.