Kaiser Chiefs

The Three Rivers Arts Fest

Thank you one again, Three Rivers Arts Fest, for booking a band that I have wanted to see for a long time, but never has come to Pittsburgh. And once again, I found out about this last minute And since it was a work night, I couldn't make it an all day thing, instead just cruised in to see the Kaiser Chiefs.

They played some new stuff, some old stuff, and some ancient stuff, barely stopping at all between songs, well except for when Ricky wanted to be silly. They played Cannons off their new album, which was what I wanted to hear the most. Ended with Oh My God with Ricky coming out into the crowd. Now usually when a frontman does the come into the crowd thing im usually several people away, but not this time. He was standing directly beside me. Good times. Then they actually came out and did an encore of Na Na Na Na Naa.

Once again the Arts Festival came through big. Free show. Great Show. If I ever get some spare money, I'm totally donating.

Concert Highlight:   It's a toss up between Ruby and Cannons back to back, Ricky commenting that the popcorn smelled good and someone eventually bringing him a bag, and when he gave a girl a sandbag off the stage as a birthday present.
Concert Lowlight:   Don't know if there was one.