Kenny Chesney Guitars, Tiki Bars, and a Whole Lotta Love Tour 04

Post Gazette Pavilion

Me at a country concert? you ask... well, the things i do for my sister. I took my sister out to Starlake to see a concert as a birthday present. Uncle Kracker opened. He played a total of five songs, two of which were covers. After that truly poignant performance, Rascal Flatts came out. A little while ago I saw REO Speedwagon in concert, and it was the gayest thing i saw...until Rascal Flatts. They proceeded to generate cheap pops from the crowd with Pittsburgh references. Then after hyping up the crowd, they would play a slow song. I was beginning to think that they didnt understand the concept of working a crowd. There was also a weird parallel with REO when for their closer, they played a song talking about their fans. For a pseudo encore, they played an 80s Hair Medley. Sadly it got their biggest crowd response. Rascal Flatts would start out a song seeming like they wanted to rock... but then would just play some laid back poppy song. At Least REO played Ridin the Storm Out.

Kenny Chesney had some drawn out intro video that had various people saying Welcome to the Guitars Tiki Bars and a Whole Lot of Love Tour about six thousand times. Then I heard the opening Riff to You Shook Me All Night Long. My first thought was that it was going to be a cover, and might be bearable... then i Heard Brian Johnson's screaming, and realized it was just a tape. Yes, Mr Chesney opened his show with a recording of an ACDC song.... Country truley is Rock and Roll's Gay Cousin.

Concert Highlight: Leaving
Concert Lowlight: The Concert