Les Claypool

The Palace Theater

Well, thanks to every 1000 seat venue in the greater Pittsburgh area shutting it's doors, The Palace Theater in Greensburg has become a concert venue for nationally touring acts. As it turns out, Les Claypool decided to make a visit, and so I decided that I would go.

The opening act was called Hot Head Show and was pretty interesting, but the set was completely ruined for me by the music nerd sitting in back of me. Wow, I really don't care if they nailed those downbeats, or how many key changes they had. Also, I really don't care that you can see yourself buying a lot of their shit. The band's sound was a crazy mix of ska, mathrock, and general noise. Two moments of note were when the singer said "Ok we are going to do a little sing a long thing the words are real easy the first word is wah and the second word is wah, and the melody is not that hard either" then they started singing this really crazy fast melody of wahs. I'm pretty sure it was meant to be ironic, because you could never understand what the singer was singing. The second moment of note came towards the end of their set when they played some noise that sounded a lot like early Devo. There real downer of the set though was the bass solo, as the other two guys in the band sat down and watched the bass player play. He was fast, but not particularly interesting, but that didn't keep the people behind me from hooting and hollering.

Les came out and proceeded to rock out. Then he went into a little schpiel about how he had a night of entertainment in store for us, but he couldn't say if it would be extraordinary entertainment or not, because they may shit their pants on stage, not that there wouldn't be something extraordinary about them shitting their pants on stage. In stead of a traditional band, Les slapped and popped his bass accompanied by cello, mallet percussion, and drum set. The cello took the place of any guitar licks and the two crazy guys on rhythm were out of their heads, especially during the ten minute long percussion solo. Of course it really wasnt a solo, Les eventually took the stage in a monkey costume to bang on the whamola for a while.

After seeing such a bland corporate rock band like Train, seeing some weird proggy, jazzy nonsense, was just what the doctor ordered.

Concert Highlight: The crazy long percussion solo. Who doesn't love percussive music?
Concert Lowlight:Hot Head Show's bass solo. It felt like a crappy high school music recital