Lovebettie w/Campaign for Kings and Black Spyral Dancer

Altar Bar

I went to this concert because I know the lead singer of Campaign for Kings, and I thought that I should see his band play at some point, after only knowing of it in theory for the last three years or so. They went on in the middle between Black Spyral Dancer and Lovebettie. Black Spyral Dancer's myspace page describes them as simultaneously raw and refined. I would call them progressive grunge. Well, I would if it were the whole band that showed up, instead only the lead singer and guitar player made the trek from Ohio. Feeling bad for them, I made their night by going way up front in an empty bar and yelling things like "yeah! downtune!" in between songs.

I can't really review Campaign for Kings because of my obvious bias, but because we were out in the crowd, Kaz did intro a song by saying "this next song is going to make your dick shoot off your balls" (something Bruce Dickinson actually said at an Iron Maiden show).

Lovebettie was a decent band. Played some covers of the Stones and Tom Petty in their set. The guys from Black Spyral Dancer were super into them, but I guess thats cause they know each other. They at least provided some decent tunes for our impromptu "who can dance the whitest?" dance off.