The Modern Art Tour

The Club at Stage AE

Consequence of Sound a Chicago/New York based blog teamed up with Modern Art Records to put on the Modern Art Tour. Being a showcase of the label's talent, that meant that once again The Chain Gang of 1974 would be coming to Pittsburgh. I actually did some research for this show, as thanks to the Spotify, I was able to listen to both Geographer's and Miniature Tigers' entire catalogues and new albums.

Super opening act was a band called Speak. They were pretty good and super young. They most notably played a cover of seminal 80s movie classic Don't You Forget About Me. Up next was The Chain Gang of 1974. Kam and friends did not disappoint with their mix of 80s dance and Bill and Ted Soundtrack music. The crowd was pretty dead throughout most of the set, which was a bummer. Last time I saw them, I was front row at a Lollapalooza substage surrounded by 1000 other people going nuts. This time I was one of about a dozen people paying attention (still better than the Artworks show). I will never get tired of Heartbreaking Scream or Hold On live.

Geographer was up next, but I spent most of their set hanging out at the merch table talking with Kamtin and one of his friends that recently moved to Pittsburgh. I like their music, but its one of those genres that sound exactly the same up close and personal as it does when played at home.

Miniature Tigers closed the show and put on a pretty decent set. At some point there was some question as to whether someone said "Freebird" or "Bieber" so I took it upon myself to scream from the bar "Baby, Baby, Baby, ohhh" Ha. Miniature Tigers brought up a ten year old kid from the crowd to dance on stage, and generally made a good time of everything. Their music is pretty weird at first, but it grows on you. They seemed to be having fun on stage even though no one else in the crowd was.

Concert Highlight: Getting to chat with Kam. And getting to hear the live versions of Hold On and Sex on the Regular
Concert Lowlight: The absolute lameness of the crowd. It took Kamtin running to the front of the crowd and jumping around during Sex on the Regular for anyone to move. Damn Hipsters.