Opeth, Paradise Lost, and Tapping the Vein

Club Laga

Tapping the Vein was terrible. Terrible Terrible Terrible. I dont know if I can put into words how terrible they were. Paradise Lost played some cool songs, most notably a cover of "Small Town Boy," but all of their songs just seemed to end suddenly. The frontman also had the worst stage presence of anyone I've ever seen. He seemed genuinely pissed off that the crowd kept yelling for them to play old stuff. I got the same general feeling from Opeth as the guy from Stormclad--they rocked, but I really couldnt get into the music. Their music seemed to hover in a state that wasnt quite death metal, but not quite anything else either. They still have a lot of talent and I enjoyed them, but they needed to have one of those songs that is just "long hair and drums". The lead singer has a total NPR voice when he talks, yet he can alternate between the death metal voice and acual singing quite nicely. My only beef with the concert was that all three of the drummers were just kind of there. I guess I've been spoiled by seeing Birdstuff, Portnoy, and Peart. The first two bands also had keyboard parts, but no keyboard player... whats up with that? I hate when bands just play along with a track of synth parts for their songs.

Concert Highlight: none really
Concert Lowlight: pretty much the whole show