Pac Tour

Altar Bar

For those of you who don't know, the Pac-Tour is sort of a spin off of the Vans Warped Tour, except on a much smaller scale. This was also the first national tour I've seen at the venue, and it was as good of a venue as I expected it to be.

The first opener was The I Drive, a local band that won Pittsburgh's heat of the Pac Tour battle of the bands. They we're pretty decent, but it was obvious the crowd could have cared less who they were. I thought it was funny that they advertised their show at a bar on the south side to a bunch of high school kids.

Eyealaska was up next and the most notable thing about them is that their lead singer came on stage wearing a wool sweater, scarf and backpack and was eating an apple. Their sound is a mix of Linkin Park sounding music with less screaming/rapping and, of all things, r&b. They weren't bad, but they weren't anything to write home about either.

P.O.S. came up next, the only act I had heard of other than IPS, thanks to late night MTVU sessions. The crowd was obviously flat, as a bunch of high schoolers wanting to see screamo could care less about rap. Also, while P.O.S.'s rapping skills were top notch, he had no showmanship. Eventually he resorted to rapping from the middle of the crowd to generate some sort of spark. Still, few people cared. He made a comment that the people who were just standing around and not getting in to him could have just listened to his cd at home. Well, P.O.S., you did nothing to make me think that I shouldn't.

Innerpartysystem came up next, with some new lighting effects but a shortened setlist, so they compensated by only playing their rockers. Transmission, Last Night in Brooklyn, Die Tonight Live Forever, This Town Your Grave, Heart of Fire, and of course Don't Stop. Some where in the middle of that was their new song Money Makes the World Go 'Round, which was awesome. Just like the last time I saw IPS the crowd was flat, or at least it was until they played Don't Stop. Why kids can jump around for that song but not This Town Your Grave makes no sense to me. In any event, Innerpartysystem keeps getting better as they continue these marathon touring sessions. Hopefully they'll pick up enough popularity from these package tours that they can get bigger and better booking.

Saosin took forever to get on stage, like half an hour or so. Also they filled up the entire bar with stage fog. I really had not heard any of their stuff prior to the show, and really wasn't impressed. Screaming and noise is best done when it's done just to be screaming and noise. I really couldn't understand why the crowd was so into this band, but then again I'm a good decade older than most of the people in the crowd. I left before they finished their set, after all, the Steelers were playing a tight game in Baltimore

Concert Highlight: IPS playing a new tune
Concert Lowlight: It's a three way tie between POS's showmanship, Saosin taking forever to set up, and the Steelers losing in OT to the Ravens