Paper Route and Audrye Sessions

Garfield Artworks

The Garfield Artworks is certainly an interesting place to see a show, to say the least. Its super tiny, the stage is super tiny, and is only like 8 inches above the floor, and its filled with a hogepodge of chairs probably found in peoples garbage. It's a sort of starving artist's art gallery that occasionally hosts films and music.

The first two acts, whose names I could not hear, were pretty decent acts. The first one was straight up indie-garageish rock, the second was definitely more progressive... I think they filled up 45 minutes with five songs, two of which were unfinished.

Paper Route took the stage next, well, at least attempted to take the stage, between trying to find space for all of their instruments, not to mention the five band members, and their computer being on the fritz and not sending ther right sound to the soundguy or something, there was a super long sound check. When they finally got started, they tore it up. Played all rockin tunes in the set--Wish, carousel, Tiger Teeth... Good stuff. JT almost didn't make it through the set though, as he stepped into a gap in the stage and nearly twisted his ankle, then lost a glock mallet and disappeared into a black hole for several minutes before retreiving it. I think sometime before Gutter, the computer crashed again, so JT and Andy filled time by talking sports--

              JT: I love the Steelers
              Crowd: cheer
              Andy: I love the Penguins
              Crowd: louder cheer
              Andy: How about the Pirates?
              Crowd: silence


Audrye Sessions was ok. Less ambience than Paper Route, but they did have some guitar work that sounded a lot like the stuff I used to do with my "band" Strawberry Milk... i.e. a board of pedals and a slide... you know, real Syd Barrett type stuff. I actually listened to most of their set outside the door, cause it was about 20 degrees cooler.

After the show, Paper Route started to play an acoustic set out on Penn Avenue a few doors down from the venue. Andy set up in the doorway of what looked like an abandoned building. About 3/4 of the way through Waiting For the Final Leaf to Fall, the light came on, and a guy came out the door. So we moved down closer to the venue, where the guys started to play the quietest acoustic set they could, including singing happy birthday to a girl who drove the whole way from Kent to see them. She has video of the guy coming out of the door, and shutting down the set, so with any hope it will appear on youtube.

Concert Highlight: the absolute hilarity of Paper Route playing an acoustic set outside on Penn Ave as quietly as possible, after waking up a baby
Concert Lowlight: The Garfield Artworks on a summer night. it was like 90 degrees in there and they dont even have a cooler for their drinks. Silly Arthouse Squatter style venue