Pretty Lights

Stage AE

This would be the first time I would go to a dj show, and solely with the intent of seeing said Dj. It was also the first time I would be in the Stage AE indoor proper. So that was good. After worrying about being too broke to appreciate the music, I actually met up with some friends who bought shots. So it was all good.

For some reason, there were two opening DJ's both of which never mentioned their names enough for me to hear who they were, and were not interesting enough for me to care who they were. The first guy didn't even have turntables or a macbook. He just turned knobs. The second guy at least had a computer out there with him.

Pretty Lights was sick, both in music and light show. Im under the mindset that all dj's are pretty much interchangable. You either are going to get into their music, or you are not. The light show, and booze helps a great deal. Which is why hippies love techno so much.

Concert Highlight:Definitely the light show.
Concert Lowlight:Skating out slightly after midnight because of work the next day.