Primus and Gogol Bordello

Stage AE

First time I would get a chance to take in an outdoor show at AE. Was worried it was going to rain the whole time I sat at Bettis's and watched the trees blow around. But, the weather stayed great.

Didn't go in for The Dead Kenny G's. But was there in plenty of time for the craziness that was Gogol Bordello. The crowd wasn't all that into them at first. But then again, the last time I saw them was at Lollapalooza and every crowd there is crazy. But I digress. Once Gogol got into their groove, the crowd started to come around. By the time they played Wanderlust King, Trans-Continental Hustle and Break the Spell - Start Wearing Purple - Break the Spell, The crowd became the rowdy mass that it should have been.

My two friends and I stayed on the lawn for Gogol, being far to old to be involved in a circle pit and still go to work the next day, but snuck up super far for Primus, using the age old technique of walking up the rail, just off to the side of center stage. Sure we couldn't see what was on the screen behind the band, but we could see Les and Larry, so who cares. Primus played mostly new stuff for the beginning of their set. Moron TV, Eyes of the Squirrel, Lee Van Cleef, etc. but threw in an old one every once in a while. Crowd went nuts for Wynona and even nutsier for Jerry Was a Racecar Driver.

Right before they encored with Too Many Puppies, Les remarked that he always loved Pittsburgh--that he's always felt a sense of calm, because he could look up on the hillside and read about Colon Health (on the Bayer Sign) Ha.

Probably would have enjoyed Primus's show last fall better, but only because they played two sets. The downside to a co-headlining show is a shorter set. Of course the infinite upside to that is that Gogol Bordello was the co-headliner. The only thing that could have made the concert better was if there was a two band jam to Thela Hun Jingeet or something at the end. That would probably be better than when I saw Queensr˙che and Dream Theater jam to We Won't Get Fooled Again.

Concert Highlight:Seeing again the complete effortlessness that Les Claypool puts into playing the bass.
Concert Lowlight: I dunno if there was one. Shortened co-headlining set lenghts? lack of aforementioned jam? $8 beer?