Rush Vapor Trails Tour 2002

Post Gazette Pavilion

This was one of the mose visually stimulating shows that I've ever been to. The night was an evening with Rush, so that meant no opening act-- just three hours of Rush. They played a few songs off their new album, and a lot of stuff that they never play. There were three clothes dryers on the stage througout the show, spinning shirts that were later thrown out into the crowd. Featured on the big screen behind the band was everything from close ups of the band playing, various vortecies, and even a cartoon dance contest between a giant robot Geddy Lee and a giant robot Alex Lifeson. After the intermission, they played One Little Victory and the screen showed a really cartoony cg dragon. Whenever the dragon blew fire towards the audience, flames were triggered on the stage producing a cool effect. Neil Peart played a ten minute drum solo that was amazing. The only thing that was disappointing was the lack of a Steinberger.

Concert Highlight: One Little Victory
Concert Lowlight: Only 3 hours of Rush