Styx Journey REO

Mellon Arena

Styx concert was great, even though they switched the set order so that Styx opened instead of closed.. but Journey did a good job as the closer, anyways. Styx played 3 new songs and a whole lot of old ones on their set. Once again Glen went out into the crowd to sing his song, although this time it was Kiss Your Ass Goodbye, instead of Love is the Ritual. And once again, he returned on stage with a bra hanging from his bass.... JY ended up with a black thong hanging from his guitar before the end of the night, too... Played These are the Times, which was excellent live... In between the set and encore, they showed steelers highlights on the screen to the tune of Renegade... and when they came on stage to do Renegade, they were decked out in steeler jerseys.

REO was ok, but Cronin wasted about 10 minutes telling an obviously untrue story about the playboy mansion before playing something off of Hi Infidelity. Opened with Riding the Storm Out and closed with Roll With the Changes, then wasted more time before their encore song with another stupid story.

Journey opened to Seperate Ways, which had me and Nickdogg making the Steve Perry hand motions from the video... like we always do...Played every Journey song I know.. which is all of them, even if forgot that journey did them... heh... played Anyway You Want it to images of "Girls Jumping on Trampolines" on the screen, as shot through a contour effect... ended the show with Faithfully, which they sang to a guy who proposed to his girlfriend on stage.

Concert Highlight: These are the Times
Concert Lowlight: Kevin Cronin