Styxworld 2001 with Bad Company

Post Gazette Pavilion

This concert blew me away. The opening band, Joe Stark, was decent, but they only played for 20 minutes. Then Billy Squier came out and proceeded to suck royally. After about 10 minutes after Billy left the stage Bad Company came out. I was expecting a laid back classic rock set, but was surprised to see a hard rocking energetic show. Paul Rodgers was back at the helm and the whole thing reminded me of that one Cult video. After Bad Company left the stage, they killed the lights in preparation for the encore. When the lights came back up, Paul Rodgers was standing behind a piano on a platform in the back. They played Runnin with the Pack and Bad Company. Then after a prolonged intermission, the lights went out. On the first strobe of the lights, a picture of the earth was shown on the back curtain. With the second strobe, STYX was seen on the upper part of the stage. With the third strobe, the band replaced the letters. Styx still can put on a show, and now without Dennis DeYoung, they rock harder. Glen Burtnik came out into the crowd when they played his song "Love is a Ritual" Chuck Panazzo showed up to play a few songs. One of the high points of the show was when Glen hung a bra that someone had thrown on the head of his bass. The whole performance was taped presumably for the Styxworld 2001 DVD

Concert Highlight: Styx's whole set
Concert Lowlight: Billy Squier not playing The Stroke we all know and love