The Airborne Toxic Event

The Three Rivers Arts Fest

So I've been getting the WYEP Newsletter in my e-mail inbox every month since I went to that David Byrne concert some years ago, and never has it had any useful information in it. However, this particular one had the music schedule for the Three Rivers Arts Fest. Now, I was at the 3 Rivers Arts fest exactly one time, and I'm pretty sure I was like 5 or 6, so its never really been on my radar. And for whatever reason, the music schedule didn't show up in my ever vigilant concert scanning online. Long story short, Thursday I get the newsletter, Saturday I get to see The Airborne Toxic Event for the first time since 2009

First band of the day was a local act by the name of New Victorians. The only thing of note that they did was a shoddy cover of Daft Punk's Get Lucky. Most of their set was spent looking around the art vendors ridiculously expensive or junky wares. Next up was Nashville act Leagues. They were a pretty solid act. Sounding a little like Airborne Toxic, but not as powerful and also with Mark Foster singing. Lots of reverb, ambient noise, and

Airborne Toxic Event sounded great. Opened up with All at Once, played just about every song I wanted to hear, and then closed with Missy, with a medley of Ring of Fire, American Girl, and Born In the USA thrown in the middle of it. Mikel did some good inter song chatter during the intro to Happiness is Overrated: pointing out the beauty of the cityscape behind the stage, the drunk guy that was yelling stuff, and "apparently some coyotes" over on the left side of the crowd. I wasn't too sold on their new album, but they have a certain energy during their live sets that don't translate to record. Even overproduced stuff like Sometime Around Midnight sound even more amazing live.

I have both lamented The Airborne Toxic Event not touring near Pittsburgh in the last 4 years, as well as the uselessness of the WYEP Newsletter. Somehow they joined forces and gave me a free show at the Arts Fest. I may actually have to donate something.

Concert Highlight:   Sometime Around Midnight and the Medley during Missy
Concert Lowlight:   The bro in front of me (the one Mikel called out) just acting like a douche by just yelling "AIRBORNE YEAH!" over and over again. Also he was drinking bumbleberry beer.