The Chain Gang of 1974

Garfield Artworks

So what would bring me back to that venue known as The Garfield Artworks? Only an appearance by The Chain Gang of 1974. Those of you familiar with my reviews know that I saw them back when Innerpartysystem was touring with 3Oh!3. Sure this concert was technically headlined by Candy Claws, but I had to skip out early because of stupid work necessities, so I'll just pretend that two bands didn't play after Kam.

I arrived at the Artworks super early and as such got to hang out with Kam and the rest of his band. The promoter/soundguy was like "Usually if no one shows an hour after doors I call the show, but someone is here." They were psyched that they made a fan on their 3Oh!3 tour that wasn't a fifteen year old girl. Im not sure what that says about me, but then again the band has moved on from their early sound into more bonafied 80s dance rock, inspired by everyone from Talking Heads to Robbie Robb.

A second note I should bring up is that I was the only person at the show for at least 45 minutes. Then the "special guest" band showed up and brought with them about a dozen college chicks. So the show was on. They were the real saviors of the show, and since the headliner still hadn't showed up, it was agreed that the Chain Gang of 1974 would go on second, instead of third.

The opening band was a sort of surf punk duo out of Virginia called Endless Summers. They were pretty good, and makes two surfey punk bands I've seen since I forgot that I like surfey punk. I'm sort of bummed I didn't pick up their music when I had the chance.

The Chain Gang of 1974 expanded both their sound and their touring presence, instead of just Kam and his drummer, we are now treated to two other dudes playing bass, guitar, and keys, allowing way more flexibility in the set and more opportunity to wail. Setlist was Stop, Devil is a Lady, Matter of Time, DanceKissLoveMove, and Hold On. The girls in the crowd digged it, but of course the other guys were too cool for dance music.

The band that brought the audience were a jazz folk duo, who I think were called Legs Like Tree Trunks, but I could be wrong on that. I didn't really listen to them, electing instead to go out into the cold November and talk to the drummers from the previous two bands.

Concert Highlight:Kam saying "wait, what's your twitter name" so I didn't have to be like "yeah im this guy on twitter" without provokation. Also Kam's mad dancing skills
Concert Lowlight:Having to skip out early because of work obligations. Not only would I have wanted to stay to hear Candy Claws, I would have really loved to party with the bands.