The Cult

Stage AE

I've pretty much been waiting for the Cult to come to town for a decade and a half, so of course I jumped at the opportunity. Plus the time honored tradition of walking into the crowd from the side meant I was only one person away from the rail.

The Icarus Mob or something to that effect was the opener, and even though I walked in waaay after doors, I still had to listen to about three of their songs. They were pretty terrible, especially since the lead singer thought he was Iggy Pop. Thankfully, I only had to listen to three of their songs.

Last time I saw Against Me! it was at Lollapalooza in '10. Back then they were fronted by Tom Gabel. Now they have a chick named Laura Jane Grace fronting the band, and she sounds exactly like Tom... well 'cause she is. The former Mr. Gabel has decided to transition into a woman, and this was one of the first shows after he announced he was making the switch. I was interested to see if having a transgendered lead singer would affect the crowd, but most of them probably weren't privy to that information. Against Me were solid. I couldn't understand any of the words to any of their songs, but that I blame that more on standing 6 feet away from the stage and not being familiar with any of their songs than their actual performance.

Anybody who has stood six feet away from Billy Duffy for an entire Cult show will tell you that it is a life changing experience. They opened with Lil Devil, closed with She Sells Sanctuary, and encored with Love Removal Machine. They played four songs from their new album as well as a mix of classics. I was sort of dissapointed nothing from Born Into This or Beyond Good and Evil was played, and I would have loved to hear In the Clouds live, but you can't win them all.

Concert Highlight:Getting to watch Billy master that Gretsch from six feet away.
Concert Lowlight: THe opening act. They were just terrible