My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult


Another Sunday night, another electronic based music concert in Pittsburgh. This one was back at Diesel, and unlike the Ella Riot show, there was actually an audience.

The first opener was a local act called Rein[Forced]. A two man operation featuring the same keyboard player as Agnes Wired for Sound, and a pretty good singer. Again, Why did I not know there were industrial bands in Pittsburgh?

Twitch the Ripper was up next and I'm really not decided on how I feel about them. On one hand the music was good, but on the other hand the vocals were terrible. The guy sounded like he was doing a bad impersonation of Dave Gahan.

16 Volt came on next and rocked the place hard. They brought Jim from Rein[Forced] up to sing Motorskill, and you could tell that it made his day. This was the first time I really noticed that my headbanging has turned more into a DJ bob over the years, as I was shown up by most of the people in the crowd. Ha.

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult continues to put on a great show despite the fact that Groovie looks a little bit more like Mickey Rourke every day. Played a great set with songs like Daisy Chain for satan and Kooler than Jesus thrown in there. TKK is proof that everyone secretly likes dance music in one form or another.

Concert Highlight: TKK still knowing how to dance on the dark side of the disco ball after 20+ years
Concert Lowlight: Twitch the Ripper's vocals, and the meat locker temperature of the club.