Carnegie Music Hall

So, as fate would have it, the chance of seeing Butch Walker play Carnegie Music Hall meant that I would have to purchase a ticket for Train. So I did.

Butch was amazing. Openend with Comfortably Numb and ended with Best Thing You Never Had, and in between was a whole lot of awesomeness. Thankfully I got to hear 3 Kids in Brooklyn and The Taste of Red live again, which was awesome. Off the new album, he played Pretty Melody and Trash Day. He pulled out the banjolin and teased You Belong With Me, but declared it so two months ago before breaking into Rich Girl.

Train came out and put on exactly the kind of show you would imagine Train would put on, except with the lamest big screen graphics ever. Early in the show they teased Drops of Jupiter, but played Meet Virginia instead. Twice during the show they brought some girls on stage to sing along with them, the first time a group, the second time, just one. When she said that she was only 16 there was a silent pause. The only amusing part of the set.

Train encored with Drops of Jupiter, which was pretty sad. I mean, if Drops of Jupiter is your big encore number, you must not have much to offer, the ladies in the crowd seemed to like it, though

Concert Highlight: 3 Kids in Brooklyn, again
Concert Lowlight: having to explain to everyone around me who Butch Walker was.