Van Halen

Consol Energy Center

And it was decreed that Van Halen would reunite with David Lee Roth, and that they would put out a new album that is pretty decent, and that they would go on tour, and that they would play the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh. Also, you never know how long a Van Halen tour is actually going to last, or if they will ever tour again. So I went.

Kool and the Gang opened, but we didn't bother going in to see them. I had seen a guy from Kool and the Gang play after a Pitt game once (Not sure if it was Kool or part of the Gang, mind you) and wasn't really impressed. So we skipped their set.

Van Halen came out and played a nonstop onslaught of classic DLR tunes with some of their new stuff thrown in, too. I'll Wait, Panama, Jaynie's Crying, Pretty Woman, Everybody Want's Some, Hot For Teacher, Jump... the list goes on and on. Not to mention solos by both Eddie and Alex.

There was little to no intersong chatter, except for near the end of the show when Dave talked about his dogs for a while before playing Ice Cream Man. How that segue works, I don't know, but whatever.

Concert Highlight: Hearing every DLR era Van Halen song I wanted to hear, and the fact that everyone is just as spot on musically as ever.
Concert Lowlight:Maybe I just secretly like Van Hagar better, or maybe when I think of DLR era Van Halen I think of balloons and streamers and people flying around the stage, and general goofing off, but I just felt something was missing. I had a really good time, but the showmanship is just not there like it was in their heyday.