Young the Giant

Stage AE

I skipped Young the Giant last year at Lolla to see Naked and Famous, so I decided to take in their show at AE when they rolled into town.

Opening act was called Apache Trail or something, and they were pretty good, but I spent most of their set chatting with people outside.

I was a bit underwhelmed by Young the Giant. I mean I like their music, but their live show was sort of disappointing. Either that or there was a good Penguins game on at the bar that prompted a "Let's Go Pens" chant to fill the venue. Anyhoo... They ended their set, came out and encored with that R Kelly's Ignition in honor of it being 4/20 and then Rocked the FUCK OUT with My Body.

Concert Highlight:My Body live. hands down.
Concert Lowlight: The really drunk girl who was grinding on me right in front of her boyfriend. I didn't need a brodown that night.